Date of publication

24 November 2014

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978 1 85341 141 0




205 x 135 mm





A Guide to French Grammar, 3rd edition
Stanley Prince


This highly successful companion to elementary French studies has been further revised, and provides easy access to all the information required for revision. It is a handy reference book of key facts, grammatical rules and tips for comprehension and essay work. It has been compiled for students who have studied French for at least one year and are working towards GCSE or Common Entrance; for all students at evening-class institutions; even for more advanced students at tertiary levels needing a systematic grammatical background.


PART A GRAMMAR. VERBS: Present, Perfect, Pluperfect, Imperfect, Future, Conditional tenses; Imperative form; Infinitives; Present participles; Verbs followed by à; Verbs followed by de; Entrer dans; Verbs which include the English preposition; the Passive voice. NOUNS: Gender of nouns; Plurals of nouns. PRONOUNS: Personal, Interrogative, Demonstrative, Possessive pronouns. ADJECTIVES: Agreement of Adjectives with Noun; Position of adjectives; Interrogative, Demonstrative, Possessive adjectives. ADVERBS: Formation; common irregular adverbs. PREPOSITIONS: Some important prepositions; Countries; Continents; Prepositional phrases. NEGATIVES. USE OF DE. IDIOMS: with Avoir, with Faire; Venir de; Tenses with depuis; Être en train de; C’est, il est. PART B MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION: Distinguish between …; L’Alphabet français; Accents; Days; Months; Seasons; Numbers; Date; Time; Linguistic subtleties. PART C COMPREHENSION: Question words; Important questions. PART D PRONUNCIATION: Sounds; Homonyms. PART E FAUX-AMIS. PART F ESSAY WRITING. PART G JUST FOR FUN: Tongue twisters; Conundrum; Quick Quiz; Proverbs. PART H SUPPLEMENT: Past historic tense; Past anterior tense; Subjunctive mood; Formation of the present subjunctive; Uses of the subjunctive; Answers to quiz and Proverbs; Glossary of grammatical terms.


Stanley Prince

Stanley Prince gained his degree in modern languages and philosophy, as well as his postgraduate certificate of education, in London. He also studied for some time at the University of Grenoble. He taught French for thirty-seven years and was formerly Head of the French Department at the Prebendal School, Chichester, West Sussex, UK. Stanley Prince also compiled the successful Introduction to General Knowledge, which for many years was popular with participants in the National Schools Challenge and pub quizzes.


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