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Economics of Woodland Management
Rodney Helliwell


As forestry taxation benefits come under scrutiny and agricultural subsidies are reduced or withdrawn, this brief guide to the economics of woodland management is even more relevant than before. It has been updated since the first printing in 1984.

The term forest economics’ has deliberately been avoided, as that term conjures up visions of complicated formulae and economic procedures which are a mystery to the layman and even to the practising forester. This book therefore reflects the Author’s experience of the practical realities of woodland management rather than the economic theories of others. The wider issues of land use, landscape, and nature conservation are also considered, and attention is focused on the various factors which influence the success of a forest or woodland enterprise and its profitability.


Rodney Helliwell

Rodney Helliwell was employed for some years by the Nature Conservancy and the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, and now works as a consultant in forestry, ecology. arboriculture and landscape management. He has contributed several papers at conferences and in scientific journals on the subject of this book. His views, tempered by practical experience. have been widely quoted (and misquoted), and have had some influence on policies and procedures for the planiiing of nature conservation.

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