Date of publication

November 2003


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150 x 210 (mm)


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Land & Estate Management
Jenny Bough
Nigel Williams
Paul Hill
John Nix


The well-tried format of this successful book, first published in 1987, remains the same but the new fourth edition contains a complete revision of its content and is updated to mid-2003. A new co-author, whose subject is law, has joined the editorial team. Chapters that incorporate substantial change are those on tenure legislation and environment grants and organizations.

As before, this book provides an overview of land managerial topics for those starting out to work on farms and estates and in land agency. Also it is useful for those in allied professions such as accountancy, banking and finance, valuation, law and taxation. Students at colleges and universities will find the book to be required reading in their course work, and younger members of land or estate agencies will refer to it while preparing for their chartered surveyor examinations.


Land Ownership; Managing a Rural Estate; Types of Land Tenure; Tenure Legislation; Farm Rents; The Price and Economic Value of Agricultural Land; Forestry and Woodland; Sporting and Recreational Land-Use; Planning Legislation; Public Rights over Private Land; Agriculture and Pollution; Agriculture and the Environment;Employment Legislation; Taxation of Income; Taxation of Capital. References appear at the end of each chapter.


Jenny Bough

Nigel Williams

Paul Hill

John Nix

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